New Shooters Information

All new shooters are required to contact the New Shooter Coordinator prior to their first match. Send an email letting them know of your prior shooting sports experience. A determination will be made if you will have to make arrangements to attend new shooter orientation.
email:  idpamn@gmailcom

If you have never attending an IDPA match please read over the Basic Rules Summary

New Shooter Guidelines

If you have participated in IDPA or USPSA before, but are new to MGFC IDPA, check in before unpacking your gun so we can familiarize you with our safety rules and procedures. Please also read the General Match Info here.

If you are new to IDPA, but have had FORMAL holster training aimed at the action pistol sports, check in before unpacking your gun and we will have you go through a new shooter orientation before the match.  At this time, we will go through our safety procedures and basic IDPA rules.  We will also make a determination at that time as to whether you will be allowed to shoot the match with us that day.

If you are new to IDPA and have not had formal holster training aimed at the action shooting sports, we will have you go through the orientation and you will be asked to watch the match to gain familiarity with our procedures and rules.  After the match is over, you will be allowed to gear up and shoot a portion of one of the stages.  This will allow us to assist you in developing the necessary skills in a safe and less stressful environment.  

Please note that the Thursday evening matches are not a good opportunity to get new shooters introduced to the sport due to staff and time constraints.

In all cases, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the IDPA rulebook prior to arriving.

You must also become a member of IDPA prior to competing in your second match.
Additionally, you must be an IDPA member in order to shot a classifier.
Information on IDPA membership can be found here.

A general overview of IDPA can be found here.